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  • Florentine Omelet
  • French Toast Sticks
  • Allen Brothers Jalapeno Cheese Grits Bowl
Maverick Biscuit

About us

At Maverick Biscuit, we’re all about serving a heaping helping of comfort food and delivering a good time for all at our casual restaurant. We take pride in delivering an incredible array of flaky, tasty biscuits served just the way you like.

All of our southern-style biscuits are carefully prepared fresh each morning from scratch. Their piping-hot goodness is amazingly addicting.

Our menu features our signature biscuits and numerous breakfast/brunch favorites. And it’s amazing how much better your meal and drinks taste when enjoyed on our spacious outdoor patio.

Fast | Local | Fun

We have a genuine love for our community, and we use locally sourced ingredients as much as possible with all of our meals. We're located in a well-established area of Taylors where you'll actually get the feel of an upscale restaurant.

Come for the tasty food or come for the fun, comfortable environment … just be sure to come to visit us for an exceptional experience at Maverick Biscuit. We can't wait to see you.

Welcome To Maverick Biscuit

It's time to rise and shine with a perfect start to a new day at Maverick Biscuit. When the tempting flavors of good ol’ down-home cooking come beckoning, your only move is to take a quick trip to our family restaurant in Taylors, SC. You’ll quickly agree that we’re the best solution to satisfy your cravings.

We Partner With Premium Vendors & Food Suppliers!

Visit Us Today!

Get ready to satisfy your appetite for mouthwatering biscuits and other breakfast and brunch temptations with a visit today to Maverick Biscuit.

We're located at 2818 Wade Hampton Blvd. in Taylors.

Yes, We Cater!

Think our food will impress guests at your next event? Give them the comfort of Southern dishes with our catering services. We can bring the same finger-licking flavor to your special gathering.

We Love Doing Business With Our Specialty Partners

At Maverick Biscuit, we take pride in being a scratch kitchen. We use locally sourced, sustainable, and organic products as much as possible. Our fresh, hot, oversized buttermilk biscuits are made continuously throughout the day and are served “Mississippi Cathead” style.

We love doing business with our specialty providers. We help them, and in turn, they help us. Plus, we believe there is nothing better than eating fresh and local.

A Special Thanks To Our Specialty Partners . . .

Allen Brothers Grits

Abbotsford Farms Eggs

Neuskes Bacon

Neese's Sausage

Dan'l Boone Ham

Boars Head Bologna

Tillamook Cheddar

Taylor Boys Produce

West End Coffee Roasters